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Message from the Worthy Secretary

Under the visionary leadership of the Honorable Speaker National Assembly, Raja Pervez Ashraf, the National Assembly Secretariat has been making great strides in order to bring openness and transparency to its systems. One of the tools to achieve these goals has been digitalization. In this regard, I am extremely proud of the Public Accounts Committee and our in house IT team, whose collaborative efforts have helped to realize the dream of launching the website of PAC.

Public Accounts Committee is principally mandated to achieve transparency in the public moneys. A crucial component of a transparent system of resource allocation involves an independent assurance of the integrity of public budgeting and scrutiny of its outcomes by the representatives of the people. Based on the annual reports of the Auditor General of Pakistan, the committee holds government officials to account to ensure fair dispensation of funds.

I believe it is the right of tax payers to have access to the information regarding the expenditure of the taxes paid by them and their consequent audit. This engagement would facilitate PAC to continue its work of oversight and examine the reports of the Auditor-General of Pakistan in a more sustained, participatory and informed fashion. This initiative also reaffirms the commitment of the Parliament of Pakistan to the values of integrity and transparency, which it holds dearly.

This website is, therefore, a welcome step in the right direction whereby the masses would be able to access important and sensitive information related to public exchequer. I hope that other departments and committees would soon follow suit and that PAC would continue to lead such initiatives, giving impetus to greater transparency and oversight.

                                                                                                                                                                               ( Tahir Hussain )
                                                                                                                                                                               National Assembly of Pakistan

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