Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is PAC?

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PAC), is a key part of the worldwide accountability arrangements to safeguard public money. The standing committee on Public Accounts – is a legislative organ of the National Assembly which imparts a clean and accountable image on all Public Bodies and Constitutional Institutions.  

2.    What is the role of the PAC in Pakistan?

This is the committee which ensures the transparency and accountability in the Ministries/Divisions and in the Public Sector Organizations. The Committee thoroughly examines the Report of the Auditor General of Pakistan and calls the representatives from the respective Ministries and Departments to investigate and enquire about the issues of Financial Irregularities.

3.    What is the composition of the PAC?

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts shall consist of not more than twenty three  members to be elected by the Assembly and the Minister of Finance shall be its ex-Officio member {National Assembly (NA) Rule 202}

4.    When was the first PAC constituted in Pakistan?

The first PAC in Pakistan was constituted on 20th May 1948

5.    How many PACs have there been since the establishment of Pakistan?

There have been 14 PACs and 6 Adhoc PACs constituted since the Establishment of Pakistan.  

6.    What is an Adhoc PAC?

An Adhoc PAC is constituted in Pakistan when there is no elected Legislature in the country.

7.    When was the first Adhoc PAC constituted?

The first Adhoc PAC was constituted in March 1960.

8.    Does the PAC have Judicial Powers?

In general provision of the Standing Committees of the National Assembly, the PAC has certain Magisterial Powers:

  • Powers to take evidence or call for papers, records or documents (NA, Rule 227(1))
  • Summoning a Witness by an order of the Secretary (NA, Rule 227(2))
  • Invitation or Summon to a member or a person having special interest in relation to any matter under its consideration (NA, Rule 227(3))
  • Power of the Civil Court (NA, Rule 227(4))

9.    To whom is the PAC answerable?

The PAC is only answerable to the National Assembly of Pakistan

10.    Who is the Present Chairman of PAC?

Rana Tanveer Hussain, MNA

11.    What are the success factors for a PAC?

  • Impartiality
  • Parliamentarian’s Level of Interest
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Available Resources
  • Excellent working relationship with Office of the Auditor General
  • IT support  

12.    How can I watch the proceedings of the PAC?

Any person who desires to see the PAC Proceedings can do so by applying for permission from the PAC Chairman office through the PAC wing.

13.    Can I communicate directly with the PAC if I want to report any matter of national concern? How?

Yes! any person can get in touch with the PAC through our Contact Us page.

14. What is an in Camera meeting of the PAC?

When the PAC conducts its proceedings in closed doors, it is called meeting in Camera.

15. What happens to the proceedings of PAC when the National Assembly stands dissolved?

The Public Accounts Committee may proceed from the stage where the previous Committee left the proceedings before the dissolution of the Assembly (NA Rule 204)

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